What am I working on?

As of late, I’ve been writing a lot (I’m working towards a Masters in Jazz Composition/Performance). When I say a lot, I mean a crazy amount.

Here’s the writing break down:

  • 2 Charts (1 Arrangement and 1 Composition) for Big Band – Swing (Atomic Basie) and ECM Styles!
  • 1 Arrangement for The Zachary Bornheimer Quintet with Strings!!!! – Coltrane Quartet Style!
  • 1 Composition for USF Bone Band 1 (5 Trombones, Guitar, Bass, Drums) – Blakey Style!
  • 1 Composition for the USF Jazztet (a Quartet: Tenor Sax, Piano, Bass, Drums) – Birdland Style!

I’m also doing a little bit of copywork to keep my copying chops up.


I’ll keep this page updated with some of my writing stuff, but I probably won’t put much playing stuff here…that’s top secret! ;P

UPDATED: Sept 3, 2015