How to Make a Finale Template

Are you wasting time setting up documents in Finale?  Here’s how to not.  Here’s how to use Templates in Finale.

Templates vs Libraries

Templates are documents that have a variety of settings all prepared so you can start inserting music.  The layout is what you need and categories/fonts/expressions are all set up to your liking.  TEMPLATES should be used when you write for the same group all the time.

LIBRARIES are files that contain settings and can be imported into other Finale Files.  By default, Finale allows you to select as many types of settings you want to put into a Library.  DON’T DO THAT!  Every time you import a library, it ADDS everything from that library it can and changes settings accordingly.  You’ll end up with duplicate chords, duplicate expressions, and an extremely large Finale File.  We’ll talk about Libraries more next month.

What to do

  1. Take a document you’re done with and Save-As…save it as “Test Template” or something.
  2. Select All (Ctrl-A on Windows, CMD+A on Mac)->Right Click->Clear All Items
  3. Select All->Right Click->Barline->Normal
  4. Using the Expression Tool (mf), go through all the expressions and delete the ones that you don’t need or want to have predefined for you.
  5. Do the same with chords using the Chord Tool (Cma7)
  6. All instances of text that could change should be replaced by Inserts (like Title, Subtitle, Composer, Arranger, etc).  To do this, use the select tool (Cursor) and double click on the element.  Select All->Menu Bar: Text->Inserts and then select the applicable insert.
  7. Save

How to Use

  1. When Finale asks you to create a new document, choose “From Template” and select the template you just made.
  2. Fill out the relevant information in the Document Setup.
  3. Enjoy your saved time!

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