Zach’s Compositions


Winner of the David Baker Prize – 2018 Bridges International Composition Competition and had its world premiere at the Ravinia Festival June 2018.


Haunted Lullaby of the Forgotten is a work inspired greatly from my memory of Fiddler on the Roof and was originally written with words to help guide the color, tone, and mood of the piece. The lyrics convey a narrator comforting an unknown character during their final moments, trying to relax their fear of being forgotten before the inevitable. While the hypnotic piece grows and shifts, echoing its sinister and tragic origins, the lullaby eventually closes with the final resting phrase in the violin, “I, the forgotten, will remember you.”


released August 3, 2018
Executive Producers: Zachary Bornheimer & Jon Tucker
Composer: Zachary Bornheimer

Bonnie Deeds – Violins/Viola
Eduard Teregulov – Cello
John O’Leary – Piano
Alejandro Arenas – Bass, additional Recording
Paul Gavin – Drums, additional Recording

Recorded at LaLa Mansion by Andrew Boullianne
Mixed by Jon Tucker
Mastered by G&J Audio

Tranquil Storm by Zachary Bornheimer
Recorded Live on June 16, 2017

Composed for Ravinia’s Steans Music Institute Program for Jazz.

Eddie Pimentel – Tenor Saxophone (first saxophone to enter)
Zachary Bornheimer – Tenor Saxophone (first soloist, composer)
Ryan Hernandez – Guitar
Aaron Holthus – Bass
Ryan Raines – Drums

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Red Moon by Zachary Bornheimer performed by the USF Jazztet
Recorded Live on July 17, 2016

Zachary Bornheimer – Tenor Sax, Composer
Andrew Allen – Piano
Alejandro Arenas – Bass
Dave Rudolph – Drums

USF Jazz Ensemble 1 performs Zachary Bornheimer’s first original composition for Big Band, “Midnight Run” on April 21, 2014 in the USF Concert Hall.

Anthony Casamassima (Alto/Flute)
Cody Moore (Alto/Clarinet)
Zach Bornheimer (Composer, Soloist, Tenor)
Caleb Murray (Tenor/Clarinet)
Riley Sulick (Bari/Bass Clarinet)

Joe Offner
Jordan Craig
Ryan Hiers
A.J. Douglas

Matt McCarthy
Jackson Harpe
David Hinkley
Amy Paterson

Chris Rottmayer (Piano)
Teague Bechtel (Soloist, Guitar)
Zach Pedigo (Bass)
Paul Gavin (Drums)

Purchase a copy of this concert for $7 through BandCamp
~$1.10 goes to each artist and ~$1.50 towards fees

Tunes (arrangements by Zachary Bornheimer):
Recorda Me – Joe Henderson
26-2 – John Coltrane
Soul Eyes – Mal Waldron
Countdown / Tune Up – John Coltrane / Miles Davis
Color Shift – Zachary Bornheimer

Zach Bornheimer – Tenor Sax
Dominic Walker – Guitar
Chris Rottmayer – Piano
Richard Jimenez – Bass
Alex DeLeon – Drums

Your Smile by Zachary Bornheimer performed by Just for Kicks


Inspiration by Zachary Bornheimer