Score & Parts: Tranquil Storm (Small Group)



Tranquil Storm was composed and premiered at Ravinia’s Steans Music Institute Program for Jazz in 2017.  The piece’s primary point of improvisation is during an open section over Amin7(b13).  The piece can move freely in and out of that sound as long as it comes back to it before moving on to the next section.

The piece can contain 2+ solos, the first solo and the second solo can eventually merge together with the second solo continuing into the section after the open soloing.

The piece was designed for quintet with flexible instrumentation:

Part 1: Trumpet, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax
Part 2: Tenor Sax
Comping: Guitar, Piano
Bass: Upright or Electric
Drums (Brushes & Sticks)


Performance note: it would be helpful to give a 4-bar cue coming out of the open section so that everyone is together coming out of the blowing.

Performance note: It would be extremely helpful for the drummer to feather the bass drum so that everything is locked in the beginning of the piece.