Finale Tip: Music for Flip Folio

Do you have to create music for marching band, but go through the process of printing it out, resizing it, and printing it again? Well, here’s how to create music to fit in a standard marching band flip folio.

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This is fairly straight forward in Finale.  Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Set the page size to “Octavo” (6.5×10.5) and landscape (which will set the dimensions to 10.5 x 6.5
  2. Set the page layout to landscape using File->Page Setup
  3. OS X Users: Print 2 pages on a single page using the print dialog.  OS X is demo’ed in the video.

    Windows Users:  “Click Setup to open your printer’s settings (you may also need to click a Properties button). Set the Pages per sheet option to 2 pages with a portrait orientation. (Do not use the “2-up” option in the Print dialog box.)” – this info is available in the Finale Printing Guide.

  4. Print!  The resulting size will be trimmable to fit in a flip folio. Good luck!

If you want 5 weekly copywork tips, click here:

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