The Emotional Suite


The Emotional Suite is a 7-part Suite for Jazz Quintet moving through various sub-genres of jazz (with a special focus on the Avant-garde and ECM sub-genres).

This piece was written over a year for my Quintet:
Zachary Bornheimer – Tenor Sax
Dominic Walker – Guitar
Chris Rottmayer – Piano
Richard Jimenez – Bass
Paul Gavin – Drums

The suite was designed to push each of the players to the edge of their current capacities, in some cases it succeeded, and in others, it was a good start.

The first movement sounds like this:

This suite is very intense to perform and runs about 65 minutes (on average) without breaks between movements.

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Study Score(s) – All Movements, Score + Parts: All Movements, Score + Parts: Our Connection (I), Score + Parts: It's Real (II), Score + Parts: Don't Be Afraid of the Light (III), Score + Parts: Tears Disappear in Water (IV), Score + Parts: Underneath the Tidal Waves (V), Score + Parts: No Longer (VI), Score + Parts: You Make It Lighter (VII)


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