Your Song

Performed by DeLeon Entertainment

Written by Elton John
Inspired by “Moulin Rouge”
Arranged by Anthony DeLeon

Vocal – Anthony McDuffie
Keyboard – Anthony DeLeon
Guitars – Alex DeLeon and Jeremiah Scherer
Drums – Lance Cox
Percussion – Sheila DeLeon
Violin – Haley DeLeon
Cello – Zoë DeLeon
Trumpet – Jeff Wooldridge
Trombone – Alex Belliveau
Flute/Saxophone – Zachary Bornheimer

Camera – Julia Rose Fox and Michelle Fader
Lighting – Neil Pepi
Video Editing – Zoë DeLeon and Haley DeLeon
Sound Mixing – Alex DeLeon and Anthony DeLeon
Sound Mastering – Jeremiah Scherer

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